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الجمعة، 28 أكتوبر 2011

Elmo crochet hat

How CUTE is this hat???
My talent is wasted on a son who HATES to wear hats:(
I'm gonna attempt to show how to make this hat.
I am a very beginner crocheter.
This hat was very easy and took me about 2hrs to make.
 I used the cheap ($1.47) cotton yarn from Wal-Mart cause I wasn't sure how it was gonna turn out.
The basic hat is the same pattern from the Sockey Monkey Hat without changing out the colors

Thank you Da Ah Diddy for sharing this pattern! Stop by and check her out she made a pattern for Adults, Children and Babies. She also shares lots of other ideas!


I used white to make the eyes and orange for the nose.
For the pepils, I used the black and chained 3 and joined to make a circle and stitched in the center of eyes.
For the mouth, I chained 5 and joined to make a circle. Then stitched and brought a few inches of yarn out each side.

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